• Joe and Wendy Hallock

    The Owners

    Celebrating their 30th anniversary this year! These two love birds met when they were going to school at Cornell University in Ithica, New York and have been together ever since. Wendy spent her previous career working in the hotel and private club industry. Her level head helps keep Joe’s entrepreneurial zeal in check, or at least most of the time. Joe spent his previous career in the manufacturing industry where he owned and operated his own business making custom beds for people with physical disabilities. His vast knowledge and experience in business has contributed to all of our success thus far and has enabled us to expand even faster than originally planned. One year for Christmas, Wendy got Joe a home brewing kit as a gift and Joe’s passion for making delicious craft brews now thrives off of what started in his garage at home! Joe and Wendy have a true love for beer, especially when it comes to Belgian style ales. In fact, two of our original flagship beers, 4 Mad Chefs (a Belgian style Quadrupel) and Agents of Chaos (a Belgian style Strong Dark Ale), were two of Joe’s original home brew recipes. Before deciding to open the brewery and make the leap into the craft brewing industry, Joe and Wendy traveled to Europe, mainly Germany and Belgium, where they conducted “research” on what styles of beer they wanted to consider for the brewery. Joe and Wendy can be found all over the place, whether it’s at the brewery assisting with and overseeing day to day operations, traveling around the state of Virginia to promote our beer at craft beer festivals, or being present at our various tap takeovers, tastings and other special events. They are the faces of our company and the co-captains who guide us!

  • Ben Hallock

    Bottling Line Supervisor/ Inventory Manager/Wearer of the Red Shirt

    A little hard earned nepotism here. Joe and Wendy’s son, Ben is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the bottling line and packaging inventory. Ben traveled with Joe out to Hangar 24 Brewery in Redlands, California where they worked on the bottling line for two days and then helped disassemble the machine to be shipped back to Virginia. Just like everyone else from Joe on down the line, he also helps brew, keg, clean and pitches in at the taproom when needed. He can also occasionally be found promoting our brews at craft beer festivals, tap takeovers and various beer tasting events.

  • Laura Custer

    Taproom Staff

    Laura is our latest hire for the taproom and she brings with her many years of experience and knowledge from working as a bartender and server in the restaurant industry. She is just starting to learn more about what craft beer is all about and how much better it is than drinking yellow fizzy water. Laura can sling brews just as well as some of the best of ’em and she has become a great asset to serving our patrons.

  • Taylor Hathaway

    Taproom Staff

    Taylor is one of our backup, on-call bartenders for the taproom. She is brand new to the craft beer industry and is learning more and more each day she works. While she may only work occasionally, she can definitely help you pick out which of our beers is right for you!

  • Chris Craighead

    Production Assistant/Reality Coordinator

    A true jack of all trades, Chris is the guy who keeps everyone on their toes and prevents heads from getting too big. Chris is wherever the work needs to be done, whether its inside a tank, milling grain, working in the building or entertaining guests in the taproom.