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Do you sell any non-alcoholic beverages?

We have a water cooler in our taproom that is available for everyone to use. We also make our own non-alcoholic root beer, which we have on tap whenever we have the tap space available for it. You are also welcome to bring any NON-ALCOHOLIC beverages with you. Most of our food trucks also sell sodas and other non-alcoholic beverages.

My (insert person in relation to you here) doesn’t drink beer. Can they bring in wine, hard cider or spirits to drink?

No, this is strictly prohibited under Virginia ABC law. Non-beer drinkers, underage persons and designated drivers can bring in any NON-ALCOHOLIC beverages with them.

Do you sell any food in your taproom when you don’t have a food truck?

We are not a restaurant or a brewpub, so the short answer is no. However, we do sell several flavors of Route 11 potato chips in our taproom, as well as different kinds of peanut brittle. We have food trucks on site that you can purchase food from on most days we’re open. However, if we do not have a food truck on any given day, patrons are more than welcome to bring in their own food with them. On days we do have food trucks present, we ask our patrons to either support the food trucks by purchasing food from them, or respecting them by not bringing in your own food.

Do you allow kids and/or underage people in your brewery?

Yes, under Virginia law, we can allow children and anyone under the age of 21 to come into the brewery. We just can’t serve them, obviously! We pride ourselves on being a family and kid friendly brewery.

Will you fill growlers from other breweries/growlers that are not from Chaos Mountain?

Yes, we will happily fill any CLEAN growler from any other brewery or any non-Chaos Mountain growler. However, we will NOT fill growlers that are dirty, growlers that are CLEAR glass, growlers that are damaged or chipped and growlers that do not seal properly.

What size growlers will you fill?

We will fill any CLEAN 32 oz, 64 oz or one gallon sized growlers.

Can you clean my growlers for me?

No, we are not responsible for cleaning your growlers for you. Please ensure that your growlers have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized BEFORE bringing them in to be filled. We reserve the right to refuse to fill any growler if our taproom staff deems that it is too dirty and/or smelly. Filling a dirty growler will affect the taste and aroma of the beer in a negative way, and we are not sending our beer out the door if we know it’s not going to taste right and be of the highest quality.

Can I fill my growler with any beer you have on tap?

We will fill growlers with any of our year-round flagship beers and MOST of our seasonal beers. However, we will NOT fill growlers with any of our limited release or barrel aged beers.

Can I purchase kegs directly from you at the brewery?

Yes, under Virginia law, we can sell kegs for PRIVATE use out of our brewery taproom. We require a valid form of photo identification and a valid credit card.

Are there any limits on how much beer you can buy?

No, under Virginia law, there are no limits on how many growlers, six packs, cases or kegs of beer you may purchase from us. However, we do impose our own purchase limits on bottles of some limited release beers. To check on availability of kegs, please feel free to call us directly.

Do you allow dogs in your brewery?

Yes trained dogs are welcome in our brewery!

When do you have food trucks and live music?

We have a wide variety of food trucks and live bands that come out to brewery every weekend. We have food trucks every Friday and Saturday, and on most Thursdays and Sundays. We have live music in the taproom every Friday and Saturday night from 6 – 9 pm and occasionally on other days if there is a special event going on. You can find a monthly schedule of food trucks, bands and special events under the “news” tab on our website and every week on our Facebook page.

2 days ago

Chaos Mountain Brewing

It was a dog day St. Patrick's celebration at Chaos yesterday:)

Virginia Brew Hub
Bodhi had so much fun!! Happy Birthday, Rowan! 🐾🎉🎉🍻 Happy St. Patrick's Day! 🍻🍀
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Wendy, you look beautiful!

If you didn't have the chance to celebrate yesterday come on up to Chaos and have a Derrig the Giant Irish Red Ale! If you did celebrate yesterday come on up and have some hair of the dog:) ... See MoreSee Less

A Lovely St Patty’s Day event with shenanigans! 🍀☘️🍀 Met so many new wonderful people as well as the faces of those who grace our door and endearingly refer to us as the “Community Center!”yesterday 3/16! Wish we had gotten more pictures...nice steady crowd, great music from Omega Wolfe, many tasty brews ( come sample the Glutenless Maximus beer!) and food from Rick’s Wrap it up. Today being the official St Patrick’s day, we hope to See more smiling faces today on the mountain! Slainte! ... See MoreSee Less


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I would also like to make a shout out to my amazing crew, Nikki and Tiffany who did an Outstanding job yesterday! Love my staff! You rocked it! Slainte! 😍🍻❣❣❣Thank you ladies!

In celebration of the holiday an Irish blessing for you. You need to add "and may you be half an hour in heaven before the devil knows you are dead!"

Come on out to Chaos and enjoy this beautiful day with us!!!
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In celebration of the holiday an Irish blessing for you. You need to add and may you be half an hour in heaven before the devil knows you are dead!

Come on out to Chaos and enjoy this beautiful day with us!!!


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Derail the Giant Irish Red Ale is on tap and be sure to ask for a sample of Glutenless Maximus, our gluten free pale ale!

May your Irish red ale be a good one.

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