February 14th- February 18th

Food Truck: Master Sergeant BBQ

Bands: Friday, February 16th- Jody Ensor

               Saturday, February 17th- Tyler Smilo

Special Events:

Wednesday, February 14th- Beer, Cheese, and Chocolates!

February 21st- February 25th

Food Truck: Fork In The Road

Bands: Friday, February 23rd- Melissa McSherry

               Saturday, February 24th- Back Creek

Special Events:

Thursday, February 22nd- Thinkers & Drinkers Pub Trivia Night

February 28th- March 4th

Food Truck: Fork In The Road

Bands:  Friday, March 2nd- Twisted Strings

                Saturday, March 3rd- Glam’r Kiti

Special Events:

March 1st- Ontario Cananda Paddle Film Fest & Shine Runners Pub Run

March 7th- March 11th

Food Truck: 2Dye4Que

Bands:  Friday, March 9th- Jake Sparks & Jessie Morris

                Saturday, March 10th – Jesse Ray Carter Trio

Special Events:

Wednesday, March 7th- Racks of Chaos Pool Tournaments 

March 14th- March 18th

Food Truck: Rick’s Wrap It Up

Bands:  Friday, March 16th- Fort Defiance 

Special Event:  Saturday, March 17th- St. Patty’s w/ Crawford and Power

 Wednesday, March 14th- Racks of Chaos Pool Tournaments 

March 21st- March 25th 2018

Food Truck: Fat Bean Taco

Bands:  Friday, March  23rd- Medicinal Americana 

               Saturday, March  24th- The Willies

March 28th- April 1st

Food Truck:  Saucy Swine- O’s

Bands:  Friday, March  30th- Ryan Greer

                 Saturday, March 31st- Kyle Forry & Justin Arnett

Special Events:  OPENED Sunday, April 1st (Easter Sunday) COME CELEBRATE WITH US!!