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About Chaos Mountain

The crew here at Chaos Mountain doesn’t take anything too seriously, except making high quality, enjoyable craft beer. We are dedicated to producing the best possible beer from the best ingredients available. If a batch of beer doesn’t pass our quality assurance tests, it goes down the drain. From easy drinking session beers to big, intense Belgian style ales, rotating seasonals and limited release barrel aged brews, we hope we can offer something that just about everyone will enjoy!

It all started in 1998 when Wendy Hallock gave her husband Joe a home brewing kit for a Christmas present. So I guess you can say this is her fault! In 2012 the opportunity to sell their interest in their previous business left them with a dilemma. Too young to retire and terrible at golf it was obvious they would have to start another business. With a 20,000 square foot building from the sale to work with the question was what to do with it? As any great mind will tell you, BEER was the answer!

Of course you can’t start a brewery without a name. Located at the base of Cahas Mountain in Franklin County, Virginia, Cahas Mountain Brewing was the first choice. But no one outside of Franklin County has any idea where Cahas Mountain is. Over a few tasty Craft beers, the brewery name (d)evolved into “Chaos.” Besides, Chaos lends itself to more fun names for beer. As we like to say, “Chaos is Brewing!” So now with a name, and a year of research and planning behind them they put a deposit down on a 30bbl brew house from DME, Diversified Metal Engineering, and promptly left to spend two weeks in Germany and Belgium doing more research! Our crew started construction in August and seven months later the brewery was ready.

Two other important parts of the brewery are the bottling line and the 7bbl pilot system. The bottling line allowed us to get our beer into the retail stores with our first shipment. The pilot system allows us to offer seasonal beers and the opportunity to make unique one off beers for our tasting room and the restaurants that carry our products.